Postnatal Doula Package

I am a fully qualified and professional postnatal doula. I am currently being mentored by Siobhán Smith to become an accredited doula with the Doula Directory.

To help you discover all the benefits of hiring a postnatal doula, I offer a complimentary, no-obligation meeting in a neutral setting, so we can get to know each other a little and discuss your needs. It is essential that we connect and that you feel comfortable with me before I become a part of your postnatal care team.

My services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each family and are designed around the well-being of both the mother and her baby.

Having a newborn is an amazing and joyful experience but can also be an extremely challenging time for the mother and family. I aim to ease the acclimatisation into parenthood and help to make this momentous transition as smooth and peaceful as possible.

I will help by caring for the mother as she recovers from birth, will listen without bias or judgement, and will provide a safe place to talk.

I offer guidance and support with the routine care of a newborn. This includes calming techniques, recognising baby’s cues, bathing, sleeping patterns, and newborn development. I will help you to trust your instincts, build your confidence, and will encourage you whichever way you have chosen to feed your baby.

I am happy to help by holding your baby while you shower, eat, or rest and can accompany you on your first outings. I will always strive to include and support siblings and other members of the family. I can also help with tasks in your home, such as light housework, laundry, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.

I am able to provide evidence-based resources, information, and referrals for parents to make safe and enlightened decisions. You will also have full use of my extensive collection of books relating to the fourth trimester and breastfeeding.

I offer a minimum of 10 hours of postnatal support, to be taken in blocks of 3 hours or more.

Please contact me to discuss availability and rates.